$35.00 - $65.00 

Unlocks Most Cars, Trucks & SUV's Doors In 
North & Central Raleigh, RDU & Southern Durham.


Speedy On-call Services

  Call or Text Stan Morse


NC Locksmith License # 1872

Call Anytime 24/7
3604 Penhurst Place
Raleigh, NC 27613

Pricing Details:

For Most Cars, Pick Ups, and SUVs, the charge to come to you and unlock your Car Door:

Now or by Appointment Unlocking your Car Door In:

North or Central Raleigh, RDU or Southern Durham is:

$35.00 CASH daytime.

Credit cards adds $3.00

Add $10.00 For:

Rush Hour, After Dark or Very Bad Weather.

Call or Text: 919-870-5737

I will come Now or by Appointment and Unlock your Car Door.

North or Central Raleigh, RDU or Southern Durham.

Add $10.00 For:

, Ruleville, Wake Forest, RTP, Central Durham, Morrisville, or Cary.

Add $20.00 for Northern Durham.

Call or text for a quote if you are outside of these areas.

Please tell me if your keys are in the trunk!  Some cars with only Electric Buttons on the dash or door to open the trunk may increase the cost to unlock the trunk by $65.00 to $150.00!

Service is usually under 25 minutes, but I will be more precise when you call.

Add $30.00 for all:

BMWs, Mercedes, Eclipse, Mustangs, Miatas, Camaros, Toyota Solars, Lexus Convertibles, Land Rovers, Jeep Wranglers, Subaru's, Solara Convertibles and Ford Rangers.

Big trucks and 18 wheelers start at $65.00 cash or $68.00 credit card.

Please Call Stan now for an exact quote and estimated time of arrival.

Text is OK as well, but calling may be quicker.

Please tell me if your keys are in the trunk!

All services are reimbursable under Auto Insurance Towing Riders.

If you have full coverage on your auto you most likely have coverage for being locked out. No deductible no affect on your insurance rate.

I will provide a written receipt for your Auto Insurance towing rider coverage to use to be reimburse you for my fee.


There are lots of scammers and pretenders, so always Ask To SEE their NC Locksmith license for your protection. 

I have unlocked over 5,000 cars and trucks without a single complaint!

I am also available for jump starts, or fuel deliveries if you are out of gas.

I am a North Carolina Public Notary and will travel to you for any notary need.

 Thank you, 

Stan Morse  919-870-5737 call now! 

NC Locksmith license #: 1872  Fully Insured



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